Saturday, May 14, 2011

Surgery Down Under

As some of you know by now, Steve had to have minor (unexpected) surgery this week.  He was in the hospital for three days and is now (finally) back home.  We're glad to have him back, it's been a long three days.  He's doing fine and we're looking forward to full recovery and getting back to "normal"  (if our lives are ever normal feels like no two weeks have been the same since we arrived in Korea!). 

I probably had a harder time with it all than Steve did.  He just rolls with the punches.  I, on the other hand, wake up at 3am worried sick that he's died in a Korean hospital and left us all alone to ourselves.  He chills out in his (tiny) recovery room with his (Korean) roommate, watching Korean TV shows and sipping on seaweed soup.  I agonize over weather we should have opted for the nicer, international hospital in Suwon or Seoul and cry over the awful conditions he's being subjected to in the rinkadink clinic he went to(dramatized in my own head, I'm sure).  He tells me "it's fine."  I say "it's not."  We complement each other wonderfully.

Aside from the fact that he was subjected to K-pop music and he shared a room with another patient (including during medical examinations), had to bring his own "supplies," the bed was really hard, the heat turned way too high and his (Korean sized) hospital pj's resembled a mid-rift and capri's on Steve's (American-sized) frame he said his experience "wasn't that bad."  It got the job done, only cost about $400 (which is a bummer of an unexpected cost but nothing compared to what surgery in the States would cost) and was done within a 40 minute walk of our apartment (so Caleb and I could walk and visit him every day).

We are oh-so-very-glad to have him back home with us and even up and around more than he should be  some.  


  1. Sarah, when our spouses are down like Steve was, it is normal for our minds to run toward the dark side. Charlie and I have each had our share of scary thoughts. But these storms always show us God's faithfulness and makes us more dependent on Him. You have weathered this storm, with your faith, and are stronger for it. You are an amazing woman of God to walk along Steve on this Korean journey. A faithful wife and devoted mother. Love and peace to you, Steve and Caleb.

  2. Thank you for your encouraging words, Janet!! Your prayers and words of encouragement mean a lot.