Thursday, May 19, 2011

wrestling with mama

As you can tell from his hair, these pictures are from about a week ago (pre hair cut) but since I hope to turn this blog into a memory book at some point, I wanted to make sure to include these.  Fun afternoon of rough housing with mama....likely won't happen much in his life, so thought I better document it!


  1. Those last two photos are ADORABLE!

  2. The last two ARE ADORABLE AND MY FAVORITE! :)

  3. Yuh! I'd have to agree with Barb! The last 2 are sooo adorable!! And hey, what happened to the "I'm glad you were born" quote in the right hand quarter?! :o) Yup, I'm paying attention to these little things!! I love you! Much love, hugs and more hugs and kisses and prayers, auntie nj