Monday, April 9, 2012

"300 to Change a Life"

We paid our home-study fee this past weekend and our agency assigned us a social worker today!  We were told the social worker is already planning a trip to South Korea late April or May to do a post adoption report for another family so we will be able to split the travel costs, making it a little cheaper for us. We were told she will book her tickets this week and we are looking at either April 29-30 or May 19-20. In the meantime, we just received a whole list of things to begin working on, documents to fill out and background checks to order. I'm feeling more of the excited part and less of the terrified part!

As we begin this process, we have rolled out our "campaign" to raise the needed funds to bring this child into our family.  When we look at the cost of adoption, it is overwhelming.  We are a missionary family on a small budget and there is literally no way possible we could fund this adoption on our own or through our own strength.  So we will be looking to our friends, family and friend's of friends to help us bring our child home.  I know that if this child is meant to be a part of our family, the Lord will provide every penny we need.  I trust this and I ask if you will consider being a part of this story?  Will you consider what you or your family might be able to donate?

As we have been thinking and dreaming and planning and trying not to worry over this large number, Steve (ever the optimist in our relationship) reminded me that "all we need is 300 people willing to give a one time donation of $100 and we will have our adoption funded."  That's it. Only 300 people.  And only a one time donation of $100.  Now, I know $100 isn't pocket change and most of us don't have $100 dollar bills shoved in our jeans pocket with no where to be spent. I get that.  But many of us can find a way to make, earn or save an extra $100.  Would you consider if this is something you could do?  Would you consider sharing this need with your friends and family, on your blog or on your facebook or twitter? Can you help us find 300 people willing to be a part of this story and this life?  Feel free to share this blog or our facebook adoption page (click here) as well.

We recently watched a video from our agency about a couple who raised their $30,000 adoption costs in ONE MONTH.  It is possible.  We know the Lord will provide through you.

Now you may be asking, HOW DO I GIVE? There are currently 2 ways to give.

Write a check to Steve and Sarah Houser and send to the address below. This will be deposited into a checking account specifically for our adoption costs.
                                 26228 7th st W
                                 Zimmerman, MN

Or write a check made payable to Small World and "The Child to be adopted by Steve and Sarah Houser" and send to the address listed below.  This will go directly to a fund that Small World Adoption will set up on behalf of our child. In this way it is tax deductible (since it is not going directly to us). It will never be touched by us but will bring our "balance due" on our adoption down by the amount you give.

                                PO Box 1109
                                Mount Juliet, TN

Please pray and consider how you can help. Every donor bring us closer to bringing our next child home!


  1. Sarah, I love this idea. I will be sending a check to your MN address. God bless you in your adoption journey!

    Shelley Greaney

    1. Hi Shelley! Thank you so much!! This means so much to us. Thank you for being a part of our journey and this child's life, yet unknown by us but already known by the Lord! God Bless, Sarah (for Steve and Caleb too)

  2. Sarah! I have been praying about giving financially to you, just didn't know how to get it to you, recently the Lord told me "Give the Houser's $100" NO JOKE!! This is perfect :) I will continue to pray, and now I can give!

    1. Wow!!! Angela!! That is so cool how the Lord works!! He is the same God for each of us and not bound by anything! Incredible. Thank you for sharing and thank you for being a part of our journey!

  3. Thanks, honey, for answering our "how to" questions and doing so in a way that inspires! It was delightful to see Caleb's joy talking about the new sister or brother God has for him, we can't wait to hear more!