Saturday, April 21, 2012


Last night Steve surprised me with a big date to Seoul (without the little man)!  

Caleb spent the night with Nelson and Michelle (his aunt and uncle away from aunts and uncles).  He was totally spoiled and enjoyed every minute of it.  He had dinner, ice cream, played at the park, got to watch Lightening McQueen in Lightening McQueen pajamas, slept in "a big big boy bed" and had bacon for breakfast.  He cried when I picked him up and said he didn't want to go home. Not sure how I feel about that.

Steve and I had a great time connecting and spending focused time together (something we have been really bad about) and enjoyed some time in Seoul (sadly, we don't get up there too often).  It really is an incredible city with a lot to explore and do. Unfortunately, we accidentally deleted all our pictures though (total bummer).

All in all, I think we all three had a great time! Thanks Pastor Nelson and Shell for an evening away!

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