Saturday, April 21, 2012


The 3 countries we qualify to adopt from through Small World Adoption are Madagascar, Ethiopia and Bulgaria.  This has been something we have been praying a lot about and would appreciate prayers on!  We just don't know how to make this decision and we need to decide in the next month.  We feel most excited about Ethiopia but the country is very unstable right now, their adoption laws are under review and changing and the wait time has increased dramatically which makes us hesitant.  Please keep this in your prayers for us!

As I was thinking over these countries today,  I was also reading over a list of websites our agency gave us and really enjoyed reading from a website called "SPOON - Nutrition and feeding resources for adoptive families."  I enjoy learning about nutrition in general, so this was interesting to me.  They have a section on their website where you can read more about various countries and what is likely served as meals in their orphanages.  They had Ethiopia listed and I enjoyed reading up on it.  The website also has an option for a free "Kid Friendly Global Recipes Cookbook." I thought I would include it here in case you or your family might also enjoy it.  You don't have to be adopting to incorporate and talk about other cultures and other foods as a family or with your kids!  It would make a good supplement to discussions around other countries and other nationalities, as well as missions and God's heart for all people.  Or it might just be a fun way to incorporate some new foods or recipes into your week. I hope you enjoy it.

As you eat your meals today, would you consider praying for us and our decision on which country to choose? Would you also consider praying for the children around the world eating their meals without a family or not eating a meal at all?

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