Friday, April 20, 2012

Korean Background checks - CHECK!

The past few weeks we have been busy working on various documents and completing forms for our home study.  There are a lot of components to our home study and we have been working towards compiling it all.

Over lunch today we went to downtown Pyeongtaek to do our Korean Criminal Background checks.

Apparently the department was called "Crime Scene Investigation"?

Thankfully, we have not been a part of any crime scenes so we left with the required documents, meaning we passed our Korean criminal background checks!

One more check box to check off and one step closer!

As a doula, I tell women all the time that every contraction brings you closer to your baby.  In the midst of it, it feels like every contraction is overwhelming and there are endless contractions to come with no end in sight but each one makes a difference and each one eventually brings forth a baby. I think it applies here just the same.  Every step brings us closer and although the steps seem to loom endlessly on with no end in sight, every single one really does bring us one step closer to meeting our baby.

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  1. Waaahooo! God has given you a gift of keeping the excitement and fanning the fire! Can't wait to see the baby coming!!