Friday, April 13, 2012

Online giving option

We have been having computer and phone problems but now have a loaner computer and we are back on track!  We have our phone up and working again too so we were {finally} able to call our agency financial department and get some questions answered.  The good news is they do have an online giving option (directions below).

If you choose to give online at Small World Adoption (SWA), it will be tax deductible.  In order to make it tax deductible you will be giving to SWA in the name of the child to be adopted by us.  This will basically work to reduce our overall bill with SWA but will not be directly accessible by us (which is just fine by us!).  There are certain restrictions on these donations and they can go towards covering our agency fee with SWA ($6,000) and our country fee ($12,000).  Also, SWA will not be able to tell us the amount you donated (but they will be able to tell us your name).  So if online giving is the easiest option for you, please follow the directions below!  You can still give by check directly to us (to be used for the other expenses that are not able to be covered by the tax deductible donation).

To donate online:

1.  Click HERE. This will link you to Small World Adoption's website and it should say "Sophie's Fund."
2.  Enter the amount you wish to donate in the "Donation Amount" box.
3.  Click "Add to cart."
4.  Enter all the requested information
5.  IMPORTANT:  In the "Order Comments" box please write:  "For the Child to be Adopted by Steve and Sarah Houser."  This will allow your donation to be tax deductible and make sure it is routed to our adoption expenses.

If you want to learn more about where your donations are going, please click here. 

We really don't know how to thank you for you gifts and donations. There really aren't words to express that kind of gratitude. Thank you.

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