Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cool Happenings

It is so cool to watch the Lord work.  When you go out on a limb of faith and fling yourself into His arms, He is always Faithful.  It feels exciting that we are at 15% and I can't wait to watch the numbers grow to 100%.  I'm excited to watch Him bring in every penny we need.

I have had several people write or comment that before reading any of our posts, they felt the Lord nudging them to give us $100.  Some didn't even know we were raising funds to adopt yet - they just felt the need to send us that exact amount (which "so happens" to be the amount we are asking 300 people to commit to).  They all said they couldn't believe it when they checked our blog and saw that we were asking for that same amount!  How cool is that?

We have had others tell us the Lord placed more than $100 on their hearts and minds, and we praise the Lord for that as well.  One couple wrote us saying that the Lord had been putting "adoption" on their hearts repeatedly (even though they were not in a place to adopt).  When they saw our posts, they knew the reason was because they had some money they could support us with.  How cool is that?

We have had a few people we don't even know willing to spread our news on their blogs or facebook accounts, asking their friends to consider donating.  We have had the "problem" of trying to figure out how people in other countries with other currency can donate. The Lord is raising up people literally around the world to bring His child into a forever family.  How cool is that?

I'm excited!  I hope you are too.  We look forward to sharing our journey with you and we can't wait to watch the Lord's plans unfold in our lives and yours.

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