Monday, April 16, 2012

So...why are we adopting?

We are a fairly happy little family of three. We aren't infertile. So why in the world are we adopting?

We've started getting this question a lot - in all it's varied forms.  Things like, "you already have a son" or "just watch as soon as you start this process, you'll get pregnant" or "isn't it just easier/cheaper to have your own kids?" or "so what's up with all this adoption stuff? Why? And why now?"

Questions don't bother us so always feel free to ask. But since we've been answering these the past week, I thought it deserved an explanation.  Maybe you are wondering the same thing.  Or maybe you are just curious as to why we have decided to do this....and especially why now?!?

It's a big question and deserves a big answer.  Here's an abbreviated response.  I hope to write more down the road but there just isn't time right now!  Have you heard that we have our homestudy scheduled for May 18, tickets booked and all!?!

~ We are at a place where we desire to add to our family.  We are saddened by a world of children desiring a family and we see adoption as a means of bringing these two desires together.

~ In November we attended a Hope for Orphans conference and it gave us a lot to think about!! If you ever have the chance to go to one, I would encourage you to (weather or not you plan to adopt!).

~ We value LIFE. 

~ In December Caleb started asking (and praying) for a brother or sister.....

~  We see examples all around us of how adoption has changed lives and been used by God in redemptive ways.  From my recent study of Esther, to Joseph in essence adopting Jesus as his son, to Paul explaining our own adoption by God, we see adoption written all over the Bible.  We also see God's plain command to care for the orphans and His heart for the fatherless.  Further, we have been blessed to watch (from a distance) some very Godly couples we respect adopt children and see the ways God used that to bless not only the children but also the families.

~ Ultimately, we see adoption as not only becoming a physical forever family but also a means of sharing God's love with a child in a very real, tangible way with the prayer that they would one day put their faith and hope in God alone as their Savior and join His eternal family.

~ As we have been feeling these gentle tugs on our heart towards adoption, we began to research and read about the orphans around the world, about the needs and the hurt  and the tragedy and began exposing ourselves to it (instead of remaining blind to it).  The more we learn, the harder it is to not do something and the stronger our hearts have felt tugged in this direction.  We do not believe every couple should adopt. But we do believe everyone should expose themselves to the needs and plight of children in the world and that no one should be indifferent about it.  There are a lot of ways to help the fatherless and be involved besides adopting!

~  We feel the Lord calling us to this - not "some day," not "maybe," not "when we make "x" amount of dollars or own our own home or are done having biological kids."  Now. We've come to realize when the Lord bids come and follow, it's in our best interest (and holds our greatest joy) to obey.  

~ For the same reason most people have kids at all (regardless of the means by which they come into the family)- we are excited about it!  We want another child, we want Caleb to have a sibling, we view kids as a blessing and we have room in our hearts for our family to grow.

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