Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Steve was asked to speak at a school this morning during their morning chapel and Caleb and I thought we would tag along too.  It was fun to hear Steve speak and it was fun to get out of the house and visit a new place. 

I thought Steve did a great job.  He talked about imitating and made the point that we are all by nature imitators (using Caleb as an example of how from birth we are soaking everything in and imitating).  We all naturally imitate and that is one reason Paul says to "imitate him, has he imitates Christ."  It is important that we are aware of who (and what) we are imitating and that we have Godly people in our lives that we are looking up to and trying to imitate and that ultimately we are trying to imitate and be like Christ. 

Caleb really enjoyed meeting everyone and being the center of attention (does that surprise you at all? If it does, you don't frequent this blog enough!).  He walked all over, making new friends.

Speaking of imitating, on the way home he found my cell phone in my purse, flipped it open, put it up to his ear and started "talking" (making all his noises that sound like a conversation but aren't yet real words).  I have never shown him how to do that (he isn't allowed to have our  phones) and I have never seen him do it before....He's learning!

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