Saturday, February 19, 2011

Korean Countryside

Steve made it back safely and although he is exhausted, it sounds like they had a great time!  And everyone stayed stafe -- Praise the Lord!  He arrived home this evening and we promptly left for another church event and just arrived home not too long ago.  Tomorrow Steve and the youth are doing a hotdog fundraiser to raise money for a local Christian school.  They will be selling hotdogs most of the morning and into the afternoon.....I think Steve is really looking forward to his day off on Monday! I know Caleb and I are!

Before Steve got home today, Michelle and Nelson Chapman (the pastor and his wife) took Caleb and I and their dog Posie out for a drive around the countryside.  It was fun to see some more of the scenery and I'll post some pictures below for you!

We have been in Korea for 3 months yesterday.  We've survived!  In some ways it feels like we have been here a lot, lot, lot longer than 3 months. Truth be told, I really haven't seen a lot of Korea in the past 3 months.  Mostly, I've seen our neighborhood and Songtan.  We don't have a car and I haven't explored public transportation much, plus it has been colder so we haven't been as adventurous.  I'm really looking forward to hopefully getting to travel more this summer and see more of the country.  I'm told where we are now really isn't the pretty area of Korea.  And winter isn't a very pretty month either.  But these are a few pictures of the countryside around us....keep in mind, it is winter so still pretty dreary.  But I thought it was pretty in its own way and I thought you might enjoy some more pictures of Korea.

As I've shared before, Korea is a small and highly populated peninsula.  Because of this, they are very effecient at using space.  No space goes unused!  For the most part it seems space is used for apartment buildings, stores or farming.  Many of these pictures are fields that are used to grow rice in the spring, summer and fall.  Although Korea does work hard to use land effeciently they are also working on building up the aesthetic appeal of the country so they are investing some in things like the park I had pictures of the other day.
Pictured above is a frozen lake!!! I almost felt at home, like I was back in MN!  I didn't realize it but it has been a little odd to not have lakes all around me....If you look close there is a house nestled between the two mountains.  Although most of Korea is apartment buildings, you do see an occasional random "real" house here and there....they are far and few between but there are some. 

Caleb catching a ride on Michelle

And Caleb catching a ride on the Pastor.....Caleb is extra-holy today!

Caleb LOVES "Miss Michelle."  I think she is probably one of his favorite friends...He absolutely lights up when she walks into a room and she is one of the only people that he likes to hang out around and doesn't cry when I leave if she is there.  It's pretty cute.

On our little outing, we stopped at a retreat center.  It was beautiful and had great coffee too!

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