Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Don Pablos Korean Style!

Some friends of ours (Josh and Marcia) recently left and moved to Ohio.  Josh was stationed here in Korea, met Marcia, fell in love and they got married this fall (shortly before we arrived).  Steve started hanging out with Josh on a consistent basis and they were able to get some good times and good talks in these past few months.  Steve and I were able to hang out with both of them as a couple a few times and really enjoyed getting to know this young couple.  We were sad to see them leave!  Before they left they took us around and showed us some of their favorite restaurants in the area.  We were thrilled to be shown a burger place, an Italian place and a Mexican place! Wow! The other day Steve took me and Caleb out for Mexican and we really enjoyed it.  It very much reminded us of Don Pablos back in the States.  It was a fun dinner and I loved spending it with my two favorite guys in the whole world! 

(Note:  Since Korea is so cramped for space, everything is built UP on top of each other -- I've posted about this before -- and this restaurant was no is build up on top of several shops, but it makes for a fun view and we enjoyed our window table with a look out into the Ville).

As Caleb would say "num, num, num!" 
And Caleb even got to sample a few chips, which he thoroughly enjoyed.

If anyone can make my day, it'd be these two handsome guys (pictured above)!

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  1. Yeah! MEXICAN! I'm just still amazed at how happy and cheerful Caleb is. I love his little smile. You are all very photogenic!