Sunday, February 20, 2011


Shortly after we arrived in Korea, I posted a story about the intercom in our apartment going off at the same time the sirens from base were going off and also several planes took off overhead and I thought we were being attacked....silly me!  As I shared, I came to find out that all apartments in Korea have these random intercoms that randomly have announcements.  Ours goes off every now and again and we never have a clue what it is saying and it always startles me initially.  It went off yesterday and I caught the tail end on camera so you could see/hear what I'm talking about.  Just thought it might be interesting to some of you.

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  1. I'd jump out of my skin every time it started talking and I wan't expecting it! I scare easily. That was clever of you to post this so we could actually see and and hear it. I remember your earlier post.