Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Library visit

Just down the hill from us there is a big building that we were told some time ago is the Library in town.  I have had it on my "to check out" list and we finally made it over there this week.  It is a beautiful facility!  They have a "baby room" and that is where we spent our time....It is a big, clean room with shelves of books, low tables, fun decorations, a nursing room and a miniature bathroom with tiny little toilets and sinks for little kids.  The books are all in Korean but that's okay, we made up our own stories. AND we found several books that we own at our house, except they are in Korean (so we knew the story and Caleb got really excited to see "his" books there).  It was a fun afternoon.  I wish we had checked it out earlier this winter when it was cold out because it would have been a fun getaway place.  Now that it is in the 50s here, I'd rather be outside!  I guess there is always next winter or a rainy day.

Grandma, mom or Lizbeth, does this book look familiar?  It's the Danish book you gave us...except we found it in Korean at the library! One of the many "familiar" books we found on the shelves.

I can not get over the love of books this child has!  He will literally bring books to me all day long and want to be read to...he gets all excited at the mention of books, we can sit with a huge stack of books and he will sit happily on my lap while I read them all and then be sad if I try to stop.  I love it! I hope it continues his whole life.  It's been fun for us to have him share our love for reading but I just can't believe his reading stamina sometimes!


  1. OOOOOhhhhhhh how fun!!! I love libraries! I''m thrilled Caleb loves books!!! I'm savoring EVERY picture here, oh how amazing, i'm so thankful for you and with you ! What a GIFT! Glad for your discovery! Keep discoverig and never stop! Today's an adventure that's yet to be had! Funny to find the dannish book iin korean! Love youguys! He walks so proud!

  2. It's amazing to hear about Caleb's reading stamina and at such a young age! I hope too that he never loses his love for books. My love of books didn't start until I was a Sr. in High School. Go figure! Your right it is a really nice facility! On weekends when I want to get away to one of the nicest libraries I know. I drive up into the mountains and go to the Woodland Park Library. They have panaramic views of Pikes Peak where you can sit and see the view, journal, read, snooze, enjoy the actual quietness of a quiet library. They also have fire places. It's extra nice when I stop and take a starbucks coffee with me. : ) Here's to libraries and enjoying reading!