Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hot Dog Fundraiser

Today is Sunday.  Sundays always end up being crazy-busy days for us.  Today even more so because of the hot dog fundraiser.  As I mentioned yesterday, the youth group put up a booth outside of church today and sold hot dogs after all the services to raise money for ICS and for the missions trip this summer. 

You can see Steve in the back of the picture, towards the right hand side, over looking the cooking process.  He is wearing a grey jacket....and then in the forefront of the picture is they are wrapping the hot dogs.  These are all kids from the youth group.

This is the "booth" they set up to sell the hot dogs, chips and pop.

It was a gorgeous day today and Caleb had a blast running all around outside after the service and during the hot dog sales.....Here are a few pictures and a short clip of our little social bug.

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  1. Caleb's little smile steals my heart every time I see it. I love Hebrew National hotdogs! One of my former pastors got me hooked on them.