Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Temple Ladies

The Temples are a family that go to our church.  I have been blessed to get to know Ashley (who could easily be the very definition of  a sweet "southern belle" in every positive sense of the word) and Caleb lights up when he sees her two little girls and they both seem to adore "baby Caleb."  The other day we went to E-Mart with them and had fun playing on the squishy mats (they have a play area in the middle of E-Mart), watching Korean cartoons, going to McDonalds and (as you'll see) making friends with the manikins!

In the picture above I was hanging out with the littlest two....they were facinated with the coin slots/chain on the carts....In Korea, all the carts are chained up and you have to put 100W (a coinpiece about the equivalent of 10 cents) into the slot in order to get your cart.  When you are done shopping, if you return the cart to the right place, you get your 100W back.  It's a great system that keeps the carts orderly and in place.  And it is a source of endless fun for kiddos while mommies shop.

And below is a picture of the oldest Temple daughter, making friends with the manikin...We turned around and there she was just standing there looking adorable holding the manikin's hand!

Caleb and I enjoy spending time with these 3 pretty ladies!

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  1. Manikin pictures are way to sweet! Sounds like you had a fun time.