Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Renee!

Happy Birthday, Renee!

In celebration of you, Steve and I both wanted to share five things we appreciate about you:

Sarah's List:
- You love hard...you aren't always the gushiest, mushiest person but you love and you love hard
- You have made me feel overwhelmingly welcome, loved and a part of the Houser family - Thank you!
- You are witty and have a sense of humor
- You are an incredible Auntie....Audrey, Luke, Caleb and Natalie are such lucky, spoiled little kids!
- You have great taste...you can buy my clothes, by me makeup and pick a hairstyle for me any day!
- You work hard (I admire your work ethic)....Ooops, I guess that was six...I could go on...

Steve's List:
 - You love me, even though I'm me
- You are funny enough to make me and Chris cry
- You are a sweet heart who cares about our family a lot
- You are a lot smarter than I like to let on
- Even though we've had our moments, it is fun to see the woman you have become

Steve's Bonus Round:
- You know that it only takes 5 hours to get to Chicago
- You know it is okay to be wrong
- You give me every perfect reaction I'm looking for
- You are more like me than you would like to think (which isn't necessarily as bad as you might think)
- You've got unbelievable argument stamina

Okay, this is Sarah again...Even though it pains me to read Steve's bonus round, I guess I'll let him have it...You were his sister first I guess.  But I hope you know, Renee, that we love you and have so many things we appreciate and love about you.  We are wishing you all the best on Your Day and are praying for a great year ahead!  Love you!

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