Saturday, January 8, 2011


I've never been good at chopsticks and never really cared.  Steve was always the one who LOVED using chopsticks, to the extent he would ask for extras when we went out to chinese restaurants so he could bring some home (yes, the cheap wooden disposable ones) and he would wash and re-wash them and use and re-use them....guess he just belongs in an Asian culture, huh?  To be honest, I had always said if there was one part of the world I wouldn't really mind if I never made it to, it would be this part of Asia.  I don't have anything against Asia or Asians it is just that there were so many other countries ahead of China/Japan/Korea that I figured if something had to be cut, they'd be the first to go.  God has His sense of humor and His perfect you know by now, we're living in South Korea! 

Back to the chopsticks.  So everywhere we go now are chopsticks and we went out several times and I was all thumbs, spilling my food and making a mess.  Michelle thoughtfully bought me an (awesome) pair of adult training chopsticks....and I've been practicing (almost every evening with dinner).  Thanks, Michelle!

And, although I'm far from mastering the art of chopsticks, I'm making impressive strides (at least I impress myself and Steve). 

Note:   the chopsticks in the above picture are the real deal, not the adult training chopsticks pictured previously!  Maybe someday I'll write a book "Chopsticks for the Glory of God"  If you listen to Piper, you may be chuckling, otherwise you're probably staring blankly at your computer but that's okay.....It's late and I'm staring blankly at my computer too! 

I'll leave you with this adorable pic from after bath tonight....Caleb (I think) has started hugging me...well at least he leans in close and sits still for a minute when I ask for a hug...that counts, right?  I enjoy it, whatever you want to call it.  Pardon my disheveled self and feel free to oogle over my lil man.

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  1. I got a GREAT chuckle out of your comment, "Chopsticks for the Glory of God"! Love your thoughts on Hugs, very cute.
    Mama - Son pictures are always sweet. You both look adorable!