Friday, January 21, 2011

Date night!

Steve and I went on our first date in a really, really long time last night.  Longer than we care to admit.  Longer than it should have been.  But hopefully it is the first of many (more regular!) ones to come.  It was great to get out and spend some time together without the little guy (a huge thanks to the Nelsons who came over to play with him and keep him out of trouble)!

Our friends Gail and Jason told us about a thai message place close to our house that they had been to and enjoyed so Steve took us there for our first night out in way too long.  I was a little nervous/skeptical but it was great.  Think full body message meets aromatherapy meets chiropractic meets stretching/sports message all in one. AHHHHH. Here we are sportin' our message outfits....Steve said zebra suits me, I'm not convinced.

So I guess I can say I'm an African-born, American citizen who got a Thai message in South Korea.
How's that for multi-cultural?


  1. Glad for date nights,cross culture, and cross cultural grandson !!! I LOVE the clips on video, he looks like so much fun, loveyou! mommy Bestamour

  2. Message what a great thing to do on a date night!
    Oh how I miss my message therapist!!