Monday, January 17, 2011

Family Sledding Day

Today was Martin Luther King Jr. Day and so many of the families and schools (from on base) had the day off.  Several of the men from church and Steve planned a Family Sledding Day as an all Church outting.  We drove about 30 minutes out of town to Hanwa Resort where they make snow and have a giant sledding hill, a kiddie hill and sleds.  I think I've mentioned this before but Korea doesn't get a lot of snow. It does snow (big beautiful flakes) but it doesn't accumulate much (mostly because it doesn't stay cold enough) so there really isn't much snow on the ground. 

We had a really fun time. It was a perfect day for it -- pretty warm, very sunny, no wind -- and there were a lot of families (and youth!) that showed up for the event.  Around noon we roasted hotdogs and had a tea/hot chocolate break.  I didn't see much of Steve but what I did see made my heart happy.  It is so wonderful to see him doing something he loves, something he is good at and something the Lord has gifted him for.  It was fun to see him interacting with different kids and to see their excitement to hang out with him.  Several of the guys in the youth group already are starting to look up to him.  You can tell when you watch how they interact with him, how they follow him around, how they call over to him.  He loves them and it was fun to see him running around with them today.  I wish I could be more involved so I could see him "in action" more often.  It was encouraging to see and to be reminded that despite how hard the adjustment has been, how much I've missed "home" and longed for our old "normal" and how much I miss so many of YOU, that this is really why we are out here and why the Lord moved us to a town no one has heard of in South Korea.  As hard as it is some days, I know the Lord has a purpose in it and I know He is and will use Steve in these teens' lives.

Anyway, on to the pictures! The fun part, right? Be honest, that is afterall why you check this blog!

I look tired and Caleb looks confused....but give us a break! It was early...We were getting all ready to go. Caleb was so bundled up! We put a pair of footie PJ's under all his normal clothes with a long sleeve onesie and several pairs of socks under that! Then added his snow pants and coat later...Poor guy couldn't move!
This was part of the sledding area.  I had forgotten what so much snow looks like!

Mr. Marvin pulling Caleb around on a sled....Caleb wasn't quite sure what to think of it. 

Mama and Caleb going down the kiddie hill with Kayla (Marvin's daughter).

Mr. Cool took some time to take his own kiddo down the hill a few times!

Aww...he's such a cute daddy!

This is Marvin's wife, Kayla's mama (Sun Cha...I probably didn't spell that right). Caleb loves their whole family!

He loves Timmy a lot too.  Timmy Nuss is an up and coming youth (he's 10) and his sister (Abby) is currently in the youth group.  They are both really good with Caleb.  We have started getting to know them and their parents and really enjoy them a lot. 

Timmy seems to enjoy Steve a lot too.  He likes to stick close and check out whatever Steve is up to...we had them over the other night and Steve went to make popcorn and Timmy followed right along!  Cute.

Lining up to race down the hill.

Steve and some of the youth that came out

And guess who passed out, totally exhausted?  Unheard of!  And twice in one week!

He got so heavy for me, thankfully Michelle offered to hold him for a while...He even stayed asleep during transfer without even blinking an eye. 

And that was our sledding day at Hanwa Resort.  And now I am off to bed!  It is 10:25pm as I write.  Most of you are just waking up and starting your day.  Steve is passed out snoring lightly next to me (he rarely snores so I know he is exhausted!  Seven hours of running up and down hills will do that to you). Caleb is in his bed snuggled tight in a new pair of PJ's and he will probably be up in an hour or two for his midnight feeding so I should really be going....Good night or Good morning wherever you are reading from!

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  1. Sounds like a blast! I love how the youth are "looking" up to Steve. He will have a great influence on them. My youth pastor did on me! GREAT picture of you and Caleb : )