Friday, January 7, 2011

I'm always behind

I feel like I'm falling more and more behind in my blogs! So much happens, so many pictures taken, so much going on, memories made and milestones passed that I feel perpetually behind at keeping this (you!) up to date!  I think my more melancholy mood these past weeks probably doesn't help my blogging creativity either.  Combine that with a messy house and a busy 11 month old and there you have it: my excuses, justifications, and apologies.

Now, for some catch up!

If you are reading this first thing in the morning, my apologies I'm sure it doesn't look great but trust me it was delicious.  As you can see, it is common in Korea to have many side dishes for each meal.  Some new friends of ours (Gail and Jason, who are expecting their first this spring--a boy!) took us to their favorite restaurant and now I think it is our favorite too (well in Korea anyway).  It helps that it is both cheap and delicious, as well as within walking distance of our house!  It was fun to get out (something C and I don't seem to do much of lately) and it was fun spending some time with Gail and Jason, getting to know them more and talking about pregnancy and birth.

Caleb has been big into "peekaboo" and "where's Caleb?" and "where's mama" lately...It's been cute to watch him cover his eyes to "hide" and giggle when he hides with daddy and mama can't find them anywhere!

Lots of steps these days, especially towards the camera!
Also lots of fits and temper tantrums and what we like to call the "wet noodle" where he goes limp when you try to pick him up or make him do something....oh my. 

He's teething again (once it starts does it ever really stop?) so lots of hand-in-mouth pictures.

Well there is an attempt to update you with some things...I feel like there is more that I'm forgetting but it is late and I'm tired.  Hopefully more to come but since I know many of you will be waking up shortly and checking in, I thought I'd give you something to check!  Thank you for caring and thank you for tuning into our life and ministry as we start out on wobbly legs here in Songtan, South Korea.

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  1. Bandanna pictures make my heart melt all over!