Friday, January 21, 2011

Playin' catch & first steps

I think boys and their daddy's were just made to do things like this.

Another walking clip below.  I would say he walks more than he crawls these days.  At least he starts out walking most places...when he falls though he will often start crawling to get to the final destination.  He is getting pretty good at it and pretty speedy too.

He still isn't talking a whole lot but he is a boy afterall, right? 

To his "mama" "dada" and "num num" he has added "buh buh" (bye bye) and "ba" (bath - he loves bathtime).  He signs "more" and "all done."  We can tell though that he is getting increasingly frustrated at not being able to talk.  He wants things but can't tell us and it frustrates him.  I do think that is part of his whine problem (although there are times when he is just plain whining because he is a whiner too) but I think some of it stems from frustration at not being able to tell us what it is that he wants or doesn't want. 

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  1. So sweet and just so smart! When Caleb really starts talking you won't be able to stop him! I got a chuckle out of your comment "He still isn't talking a whole lot but he is a boy afterall, right?"