Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

What did we do to bring in the new year?  Steve had a New Year's Eve party at church from 6-11:30pm and then took the kids over to the New Year's Eve service at church.  I baked a bunch of cookies and brownies for the party and then Caleb and I hung out with them from about 6-7:30....I took C home and put him to bed and I went to bed about 9:30.  Steve went to the NY's service and then after they had a prayer time until about 3am!  He really enjoyed it, although he was pretty tired the  next day.

On New Year's Day our friends James and Betsy came over from Seoul! We had a great time hanging out and fellowshipping with them.  Steve and James went on base to play football with some of the youth in the morning (an event Steve has started on Saturday mornings to connect with some of the youth and meet some new youth too) and Betsy and I talked forever. It felt so good to connect with friends and to talk!  Betsy and I are similar in a lot of ways so we could both relate and help each other in areas we are struggling.  We enjoy them a lot and it was fun to connect.

That was our day....I have a little thing Steve and I went through together to reflect on 2010 and to bring in 2011 but I don't have time to type it up right now....More to come!

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