Sunday, January 2, 2011

Steve's blog

Steve is back to blogging!  He has taken on the challenge of one picture a day in 2011 so we can "watch the year flash before our eyes" next New Year's Eve.  I'm excited.  He is also taking the chance to blog about the sacrificial love of Christ for His Bride and what marriage is teaching him about that....we'll see how it goes at

The reason I bring that up, though, is because he took an absolutely adorable picture of C sleeping today and not one to be outdone, I had to share as well.  J


While we are on the topic of cute....Steve's been enjoying his "home office" a lot these days too. 

Trust me, I know our walls are still very bear and I do have hopes and plans to change that one of these days but it will be slow so for now, endure it with me.

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  1. Plan on moving to Steve's blog when I'm current with your's! Book shelves! Headphones! I sat in an office bungee cord chair this weekend. Very, very comfortable.... want to get one!