Monday, January 31, 2011

Train Station

Noelle (an English teacher at the school across from our apartment who also goes to our church and lives close to us) recently introduced Caleb and I to the train.  It is pretty similar to the light rail in the Twin Cities (for those Minnesotans reading) or any other public transportation train, I would imagine.  Except, of course in Korean which always makes everything more interesting. 

Below is a picture of Caleb and Noelle waiting for the train to come.  Caleb was pointing at all the other people...he loves people, quite the little social bug.

We road the train to AK Plaza, a very expensive shopping mall about 20  minutes from the Songtan station (we live in Songtan, about a 15 minute walk from the Songtan station). 

We road up and down the glass elevators at the mall and it was fun to see the view.  In the summertime there is a park (or so I'm told) on top of the shopping center and you can ride to the top, get out and have a picnic or enjoy the scenery from up top.  Since Korea is highly populated and a small peninsula, they are great at maximizing space and not wasting anything!  For instance, all their shopping centers are tall (instead of sprawled out like most of ours are) and each section/department is on a different floor....Like in Home Plus or E-Mart, you'll have grocery on one floor, home goods on one floor, clothing on one floor etc instead of having it all spread out on one or two floors like in the states (very efficient use of space) and you'll see things like parks on top of buildings, I guess.  I'm looking forward to this summer and checking it out!

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