Thursday, January 20, 2011

Good byes already? We just got here!

Today Caleb and I kept at our new routine at home.  I haven't been great at keeping consistant, daily routine around here and I think it will be helpful to have more structure than we've we continued to work on that today.  That and not whining. It seems we have a whiner on our hands these days. Steve went to Suwon again to work on getting his driver's license, which has proved to be a harder process than we were expecting.  It is hard not being able to drive and we are looking forward to Steve getting licensed.  Actually he did pass his regular license test to be able to drive a car here but he hasn't passed the van license and since that is what we have to drive, that is what he needs. 

Then this evening Steve went and taught English and Caleb and I went to a going away party for a couple from church (Todd and Charlotte and their two kids Grace and William).  We haven't known them long but in even just this short time they have blessed us so much.  I felt teary thinking about them leaving, even though I haven't known them long!  They are just the kind of people who bless your socks off, even if they hardly know you.  We've met a lot of people like that over here. So many people who show such big kindness and generosity and love to us and they hardly even know us.  That is the Gospel at work and the Holy Spirit in people.  Anyway, they leave in less than two weeks and will be missed by many people here. 

Here are a few pictures from today.

Lately, we've been seeing a lot of this around our apartment....Caleb clinging to my legs or following after me whining....If you have any tips for this, feel free to let me know!

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