Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Home Plus-a

I think I've blogged about Home Plus before (Or in Korean, Home Plus-a.  And don't forget the "a" or no one will have a clue what you are saying...makes all the difference in the world because, of course the "home plus" part sounds totally different when you add the "a") but we went again on Monday and took some more pictures so I thought I'd share.  It felt good to get out!  Caleb and I were getting a little stir crazy.  Between him being sick for an entire week and it being cold outside, neither of us had been out much.  It was good to have something to do and somewhere to go!

We tried out this McDonald's knock off for a snack....It was pretty good, about as good as a McD's knock off can be.  Did you notice the sign?

Burger Lady!  Nice....

Don't worry! This is NOT a picture of Caleb eating his first fast food!  We brought him some of his "special crackers" (aka whole wheat, no HFC's etc)...But that brings up an interesting that lil C is eating more and more "real food" (and mostly what we eat) we are realizing how hard it is when we eat bad for us food and expect him not to want it....not that we eat lots of junk food but it does happen (recently more than I'd like) and is all the more reason for us to watch what we eat.  I'm finding having a kiddo is a great way to realize a bad habit and he sure does make me evaluate what I am eating and why I am eating it if it is not something I want to share with him!  I figure if it is something I don't want him to have, it is probably not something I should have either...

In Korea, random items in every store have often equally random "freebies" taped to them....In this case, a box of cereal with a small blanket.  Steve's all about it and is often tempted to buy something just for the freebie...I guess their marketing scheme works (on some people!).

Sometimes things aren't translated quite "skinfood" for makeup...Interesting take.  Although I suppose if we viewed it more this way, we might be a little more careful/picky with what we put on our skin, which might not be a bad thing.

A lot of men in Korea are into wearing makeup....Not ever a good idea in my book.  I've heard that Korea is "ahead" of the US in fasion so watch out men and STAY AWAY.  Hopefully this is one trend that doesn't last long.

This is one aisle you aren't likely to see in the U.S.....Can you point me in the direction of the seaweed aisle?

I can't figure out what these are (pictured above)...they keep showing up in our food in kimchi or in first I thought they were squid but they aren't....they are slimey and have black bulgy looking eyes....If you know what they are, let me know!

While we are on the topic of food, I think I've shared with some of you that food seems really pricey here!

Two recent examples that floored me are below (keep in mind, the 1,000 won is very close/approximate to $1/US).

$14.00 for a small canteloupe?  And $23.00 for a watermelon?!  Let's hope it is just because they are out of season, but even then! That's insanity.  Okay, just thought I'd share.

In order to use a cart in Korea, you have to insert a coin in order to unlock get it back when you return it after shopping!  Not a bad idea.

Caleb has had enough Home Plus-a for one day!

Or maybe he was upset that we didn't get to go play in the play land (pictured above).


  1. Ohhhh Lotteria... I like their version of the McFlurry that has pop rocks in it. Have you tried it? Yum!!

    The cart thing- they do that at Aldi's in the states. So cool. No random carts everywhere like certain big super centers....

  2. O.K. LOL on the Burger Lady. The marketing scheme thing sure would work on me what can I say! Love that picture by the way. To name makeup - skin food does make you think twice. Stop the insanity of the fruit prices!! Cart-Coin this is a great idea and I didn't know they did that in the U.S. as commented in the post above.