Thursday, December 16, 2010

Boring Update and some pics

Steve has finally suceeded in making me a night owl.  It took him a little over 3 years to do it but he has finally suceeded and now I think he is regretting it.  After a little over a week of me being up until 11:00pm he is starting to say things like "I think we need to go to bed earlier"  (yes, really, these words are coming from Steve Houser) and "We are staying up too late" and "Aren't you tired yet?"  I just share that because it is almost 10:30 and here I am blogging.  I don't really have anything to write about or any fun update about today but Steve is watching a movie (the same Steve who keeps saying we need to go to bed by 9:30 and then proceeds to start a 2 hour movie at 9pm) and movies often bore me so here I am blogging.  About nothing.  Feel free to stop reading.  I'll never know. 

But one fun update:  Steve is watching the movie from an actual TV (hence I can blog at the same time) that someone donated to us and the TV is in an entertainment center (also donated) and we are sitting on a (new to us) couch that wasn't fished out of a dumpster (another donation from someone moving).  AND we are watching our DVDs that came in the  mail today!  We got 12 boxes today.  A huge THANK YOU to Marty who brought them all over to us tonight!!! Thank you, Marty!  Most of them were books, one was coats, one was baby food and one had Steve's DVD collection. 

Oh and a funny story while we're on random updates.  Yesterday we were sitting eating lunch and all of a sudden this intercom in our apartment goes off with some man going on and on in Korean.  Of course this was unnerving, we had no idea what he was saying! He could have been telling us to evacuate for all I knew..... Then some siren outside went off AND right after that one of the planes took off...It scared me! I almost had myself convinced that North Korea was invading or something crazy. Actually I think I did have myself convinced of it.  But Steve pointed out that no one else seemed concerned and later we found out all three were coincidental and that the man over the intercom in our apartment is a normal part of life in Korea.  Apparently, they do that.  It is like some apartment announcements that happen randomly.  Strange, I know.  These are the moments everyone shrugs and says "welcome to Korea."  Anyway, happy to update  that the north has not invaded and all is well. 

Caleb continues to "make strides" with his walking skills.  I think his personal best is about 7 steps and he now stands for very, very long periods of time.  Basically until he gets bored of standing and decides to move on....I have caught him taking a few steps on his own as well, without us prompting him.  I think full on walking is not far off.  He continues to be as adorable as ever, maybe even more so.  We are enjoying him to pieces and I for one am looking forward to him walking and so we can leave these dirt covered hands and knees behind!

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  1. I can relate to being a night owl.
    12 boxes!!!!!!!!
    "Anyway, happy to update that the north has not invaded and all is well." (whew!)
    Loud speaker with announcements in each apartment that different!
    GREAT pictures of Caleb as usual!!!!! <3