Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lil C and Big Daddy

Lil C and I have been having all sorts of fun...He is turning into quite the personality! 

 He is a little social ham most of the time, with a dash of daring, a large sprinkle of spirited baby, and a generous helping of sweet angel pie.

Lately we've been seeing lots of these:

Taking a knee....I think it is pretty cute and have been trying to capture it in a picture.

Yesterday (not pictured) he calmly went from that to standing, looked at me, smiled real big like "what's the big deal, mom, didn't know I could do that?"  Stood there a while longer just smiling away and then cooly sat down, like he'd been standing for months and it was no biggie. 

We have also been getting frequent attempts like this...

And this...

But they are kind of hard to catch on camera....And of course when video is on he'll have nothing to do with any of it.  Typical.

Speaking of catching on camera.....Turns out Caleb isn't the only ham in the household....

No he isn't preaching....If you are wondering what he is doing, I'll clue you in by saying you are at a disadvantage because you can't hear the beat.

And if this suprises you at all, you must be one of our newer friends! =)

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  1. Great Caleb pictures! I would love to see a video of Steve doing a rap!!!! Hey he works with youth that would be o.k. to post!! Baby blocks awesome!