Thursday, December 30, 2010

Buried in Laundry

One of Caleb's many favorite books (he has a lot, he loves his books) is "Jamberry" by Bruce Degen.  The last page says:  "Mountains and Fountains rain down on me, Buried in berries what a jam jamboree!"

I may have read that one too many times but lately I just can't get out of my head the following stanza with regard to our laundry "Mountains and Fountains rain down on me, buried in laundry what a frightful quand-ar-y!"

We have piles of it. Literally. All over our bedroom.  And from any lack of effort on our part, mind you.  It's not that we've been lazy or neglectful....we just have been without a washing machine!

Steve has even gone so far as to do several loads in our bathtub....mostly of Caleb's diapers but he may soon branch out to other items of clothing.....

The first washing machine we were given looked like this:

And it worked about as well as you might expect:  In summary, it didn't.  Nothing we did to that poor washing machine would coax it to life.

So we were given a different one and we were excited about it because it was an American washing machine. This one worked for exactly one glorious load and promptly stopped.  We thought maybe the pipes just froze (apparently this is common in Korea since they keep their washer/dryers in the porch area that is not heated). 

So Steve got us a heater

And winterized our laundry - porch - room.

He did a great job.  We had high hopes, the faucets melted and.....

Nothing.  Still doesn't work.

As a sidenote while we are on the topic of laundry, have you ever seen anything so complicated as far as washing a load of clothes?  Check out all these wires, pipes, cords etc. 

And yes, we do hang our dryer vent out our window from the third story...That's just how it is done around here!  We are not short of adventure or new challenges here - Living the "Wild At Heart" dream!

Not sure what is next but for now, I thought it was comical enough to write about. That and I am so darn (yes, I said darn, I know it looks like something different if you are reading fast or skimming so slow down a sec) thankful for Steve and all he has done to try to make things work for us.  While I'm on the topic of thankfulness with regards to laundry, I also have a "shout out" to Michelle (Pastor Nelson's wife) for all she has done for us....namely, several loads of laundry in her washing machine (she's done a lot more than that but we're just on the topic of laundry at the moment).

Stay tuned for more Adventures in Korea!

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  1. Steve is a regular Holmes on Homes kind of guy! Handy man all around with a great attitude. (Holmes on Homes my favorite cable show on how things get fixed properly and with great work ethics) I love Steve's heart in doing the lanudry in the tub for his wife and baby! 3 Cheers for Steve! I'm impressed!