Sunday, December 5, 2010

Random recent pictures

The past week has felt really busy in some ways, Steve has had a lot going on and has been gone a lot and then we went to a wedding on Saturday. 

The above picture was taken at the wedding, but is in our Church so you can kind of see what the inside of the church looks like.

This is Pastor Chapman (the head English Pastor and Steve's boss).  Riley, the groom, is also pictured and Denise next to him is his best man.  Dennis is very involved in the church.

Above is Marvin holding Caleb.  He loves Caleb and has been really welcoming and loving towards us.  He is also very involved in church and him and his family have been so welcoming towards us.

Above is a picture of Kayla and her friend.  Kayla is Marvin's daughter.  Marvin and his wife prayed for a baby for a long time and the Lord blessed them with this beautiful daughter later in life, like Abraham and Sarah!  She is one of the sweetest 8 year olds I've met and she also really enjoys Caleb.  She watched him for us durning the service.

Pictured above is Marty, already a good friend to Steve and our family! He has also been so warm and welcoming and loving towards us and Caleb.  He is the picture guy and is great at photography and documenting everything at the church and sending out pictures! 

Pictured above are the happy Bride and Groom, exiting the church!


But in other ways it has been less eventful, especially for Caleb and I (who end up staying home a lot because Caleb is still little and taking 2 naps a day + going to bed at 7pm most nights).

Saying good bye to DaDa in the mornings!
Above is a picture of Caleb and Steve's morning good bye ritual when Steve leaves for work...And Caleb is looking adorable in his Buzz Lightyear PJ's!

This one's for you Luke--Your Cousin in Buzz PJ's!  You are rubbing off on him already....! =)


But Caleb and I have had a chance to get out and do a few things.  One lady (Teal) who works at the International Christian School took us to Home Plus for the first time (similar kind of to a Target in the states).  And Michelle (the pastor's wife and new friend to me) took us to New Core (one of the shopping malls not too far away, similar to maybe a Macy's but very expensive!).  They had Christmas trees decorated and it was fun to walk around.  After, she took me to E-Mart (which is similar to a walmart) and she bought us these nummy coffee milk shakes in a bag (not pictured) but NUM!  Interesting fact, Walmart came to Korea several years back but couldn't make it and had to pull out of this market.  Not sure why, but I thought that was interesting.


Here is a picture of Caleb "meeting" his new friend Charlie Jude for the first time.  He got all excited and started pointing and going "ooo" "ooo."  It was cute. He loves babies and other kids, especially other little boys!

And here are some more recent pictures of Caleb, just playing....Nothing too new.  Lately, he has been giggling a TON.  He has giggled for a long time now, but more and  more recently he'll just start laughing and giggling.  Something strikes his little funny bone but not always sure what!  And he is very much into laughing when those around him laugh, even though he has no idea what is so funny.

Oh! And I'm trying really really hard to get him dancing on camera!  The other day we were talking about dancing and said the word and he just started doing it!  I've never seen him do it before and had no idea he knew that word but now whenever we say "dance" he starts right up (except when I have the camera!! Then he promptly stops).  One of these days.....It's pretty cute though!
And that's been us the last week or so....Nothing too exciting but that's what we've been up to!

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  1. Wow 2 naps and to bed early. He sounds like me. I love to sleep.