Sunday, December 19, 2010

Serious Eatin'

For those of you who know us fairly well, you know Caleb has been "slow" in his interest of "real" food.  He has never been a big eater and he has (until the past month or so) been pretty uninterested in real food.  Back around 5 months his pediatrican warned me that if we didn't get him on solids soon he "may never eat real food."  Which got us to wondering, "hmm....never seen any 15 year old boys out there still nursing." If you have, please let us know and we'll get right on this eating thing!  Anyway, it hasn't been something we've felt the need to fight over, figuring he will let us know when he is good and ready. 

I was starting to wonder though when he got to be around 9 months and still would push the spoon away and clamp his mouth closed......But I am thankful to report I don't think we'll have a 15 year old nursing problem because he has started eating just fine.  Although in true Caleb form he isn't a big eater, he is starting to eat small "real food" meals each day (along with continued nursing, of course!).

Below is a link with some clips of a recent meal time.  As you'll see, Daddy doesn't make it too easy on me.  And don't be too worried, most meals aren't as silly serious as this one!

Warning:  This is probably only for the serious Caleb lovers out there, or the extremely bored....It's a little long but the ending is my favorite part -- his little tongue is way too cute!

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  1. I realy really loved the youtube clip. The oranges and little tongue reminded me of a little bird. Caleb is sooooo happy! You guys are GREAT parents!