Wednesday, December 1, 2010


This post brought to you in honor of Kaitlyn Joy and in memory of our beloved air popper popcorn maker!

**Sorry it is a little quiet...Caleb was sleeping and we were trying to not be too loud.


  1. you and your beloved popcorn! I remember when Lindy and I were visiting Steve was out buying a popcorn maker to replace your old one. I too love popcorn...and now I know how to make it in Korea :) I just love love love all your posts about life there and your wonderful family.

  2. For some reason, what I loved most about this was STEVE mastering the popcorn! I thank God for a husband who serves! He sounded calm, chearful, happy -- and your voice at the end sounded the same, glad you can share these moments with us! Brings back many memories of YOUR popcorn popper too! And now you have passed on the tradition to Abigail!!

  3. It's the best over the stove!!! (with melted butter and salt) Wish I could share some!!