Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lots of Things

As I loaded our recent set of pictures onto our computer, I realized a lot has been going on -- I need to catch up!  Or catch you up, rather.

Someone donated a crib for Caleb!! Daddy and Caleb got it all set up.  It is a really  nice one!  It is missing two screws, so as soon as daddy gets to a hardware store, we'll work on transitioning Caleb from his pack 'n play to his new big bed!

Caleb is "finding" himself in almost anything and everything reflective these days and he gets a pretty big kick out of it....Here he "found" himself on the chair in Steve's office.

Unfortunately, our garbage can is also "shiny" and reflective....Did I mention he also feels the need to "kiss" himself when he sees himself (which tends to be more of an open mouthed lick)....Yes, we are currently working on  the life lesson of not licking the garbage can.

I got my cloth diapers, they are all unpacked and we've started them back up!  We were really excited about this (I know. Wierd, right?) But we seriously enjoy doing cloth (yes, Steve does too...I think he might possibly enjoy it  more! No joke) plus I think a baby in cloth is downright adorable....So, I was excited about this!  Now, if we can only get a washing machine before we run out.....

Someone also donated a coffee pot!  I seriously didn't realize just how much I enjoy my morning coffee, until I went without for a few weeks.  This has been a great addition to my mornings.  And do you see the blue box behind it?  That's my converter....anything American (110 voltage) needs to be plugged into a converter to convert the Korean electricity (220) to 110....otherwise the voltage would be too strong.

So I get to use my handy blue converter for all sorts of things! 

We got our first piece of real mail via Korean mail.....Thank you Diesel and Kelly family!

We also ordered our first Korean pizza...From Pizza School...It was pretty good!  Don't worry, we didn't order the squid pizza.  Although Steve says he wants to try it at least once.

We bought our first groceries at the market and the small local grocery store up the hill from us.  But I didn't really go into the "heart" of the market. I cheated and just bought from a roadside truck parked near our apartment building.  I do want to do the market experience though on a regular basis...I just need to work up the courage....and maybe work on a few Korean expressions.  Oh and I think learning my numbers might help too.

We got our cell phones....Mine is on the left and Steve's is on the right.  No, we did not pick them out.  One thing we are learning in Korea is that they like to have lots of (random) English sayings and things printed on various items (notebooks, pens, backpacks, cell phones etc).  Sometimes it is pretty humorous because, well, it just doesn't quite make sense.  As an example, my cell phone says, "I'm invinci!" and "Im age one-so Im always very funny. Ya-oo Hihihi"  Steve's says "Will come to love"  But they are great phones and by far the nicest I've ever had.  Now I just have to figure out how to use it.....

Steve bought me my first flowers in Korea!  Did you know that roses in Korea actually smell like...

Roses! What did you think?

And our good friend Marty got Caleb his first Christmas present....So Caleb could "practice" for the upcoming real deal.  Thanks, Marty! That was really fun...As you can see, Caleb really enjoyed himself.  He was facinated with this idea of mom and dad letting him rip paper....Usually it gets taken away from him!  I think he also thought it was pretty cool that there was a new toy underneath!

And we've been able to continue our beloved walks.

Even though we have enjoyed a few nice dustings of snow, the weather continues to be fairly mild for the most part.  It reminds me (so far) of MN'll have a few gorgeous days of sunshine and higher temps and then a few days where it gets chilly and maybe a dusting of snow but nothing too awful .  I'm not complaining!  Especially as I hear the recent weather reports for MN tomorrow.....Yikes! Stay safe MN and ND family/friends!

Lots of Love from Songtan!

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  1. Reflective picture is so precious!
    Cloth diapers....way cool!(All our foster babies when I was growing up used cloth). Yahoo on the morning coffee! The converter and the curling iron struck my funny bone for some reason. Roses, I love how Steve loves you! As always enjoy your blogs! Thanks for your sharing heart!
    We are all blessed!