Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, dear Readers!  Thank you to everyone who helped to make this Christmas away from home special for us and for Caleb (his first!). Thank you for remembering us with cards and pictures, for your thoughtful gifts, for taking time to skype, and for your love and care.  We felt loved and we hope you know our love for you too!


  1. Merry Christmas to you also, beloved. We were glad that we could watch Caleb with his gifts and share the opening of ours with you over skyype-- while you are still very far from us, it is so nice to see you turning your apartment into your home. We have something for one of your empty walls as soon as we get a place to send it! This was our very first Christmas without Hawa -- we remenisced about Micah's Christmas away in Djibouti and I spose its only a matter of time before other little birds nest elsewhere on holidays but we treasured what we have and a big part of that was your skype times with us yesterday. Love you! He was born! Last year you were still very pregnant and we looked forward to meeting
    Caleb; how much more we have waited for the Savior to be born. May His resurrection power be new in 2011 as never before. Love you!

  2. Faith, like your comment..... "May His resurrection power be new in 2011 as never before"