Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Moving in!

If you watched the tour of our apartment that we posted, you will have noticed that basically one entire wall of our living room and bedroom is floor to ceiling window (which we love by the way, so much sunshine comes streaming inside in the afternoons and lots of natural lighting!).  So the other morning Steve and I were just waking up when all of a sudden we heard a funny noise and noticed this outside our window:

Um, okay?  What is that outside our window? 

A platform of stuff?!?

Going up?

Ohhhhhh! Right.  We live in South Korea.  And everyone lives in high rise apartments.  And efficiency is the  name of the game here.  And it is definately more efficient to rent a crane along with your moving van to lift your life's belongings in through the window than it would be to move in any other way.

It was move in day for one of our neighbors, floors above.

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  1. That's cool, a crane for moving. How smart is that?! Yeah for sunshine and natural lighting!!!!!!