Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy Birth Day, Charlie Jude!

Here's a shout out to our good friends Dan and Tara and their new arrival, Charlie Jude!

We were in a small group for several years with Dan and Tara and were thrilled to find out shortly after Caleb was born that they were expecting.  It felt extra exciting because we had been praying with them for a while that the Lord would bless them with a baby and we were so happy for them to find out they were pregnant.  When we had Caleb, we were the first of many of our close friends to have kids and in some ways it was a lonely and isolating time (there is a big difference between being two and being three!).  We were so excited to have some close friends to walk through the parenting stage of life with.

Above is a picture of Megan (another really close friend and sister in Christ who we were thrilled to find out was pregnant this fall) during her first trimester, me and Caleb at 8 months post-birth, and Tara in her last trimester.  I love that we were able to capture our friendship and the various stages of mommy-hood.

And here is a picture of Caleb and his new friend, Baby Schmidt.  I have a sneaky suspicion he was whispering naughty things to "innocent" lil Charlie in this picture because (suspiciously) Charlie was a little over a week overdue (Caleb was between 2-3 weeks overdue), Charlie was 8 pounds, 12 ounces (Caleb was 9 pounds), Charlie was 21.5 inches (Caleb was 22.5 inches), Tara labored 24 hours and pushed for 2...hmmmm....Sounds familiar, huh? Here's to hoping he didn't also share his secrets to bad sleeping habits!

Happy Birthday, Charlie!  And now the countdown to Baby Schaap's arrival.....

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