Sunday, December 26, 2010

Steve's First Baptism

And mine too!

Tonight was a special night for me.  Tonight I was baptized.  I am posting a little clip of it below.  The only thing I wish could have been different is I wish many of you could have been there with me.  I have wanted to get baptized for a while now and I was disappointed I was not able to get it done before we moved but I know the Lord has His perfect timing and I am happy to be able to share it with you via this blog.  Even if you couldn't be there in person, I hope you are able to enjoy it and rejoice with us through the clip!

Even though baptism does not save me, it is an exciting outward symbol of God's saving work in my life and His grace towards me.  It is an outward sign of belonging to God and to His people and an expression to those who witness it of my faith in Jesus Christ alone for the forgiveness of my sins.  It means that I am professing that I am trusting in Jesus Christ alone for the forgiveness of my sins and the fulfillment of all His promises to me, even eternal life.  It is an expression that I forsake Satan, all his works and all his ways and that I intend with God's help to follow Him as my Lord.

It was especially meaningful to have Steve baptize me.  Although I was a believer before I met Steve, the Lord has really used him to bring me closer to Himself.  For a long time I really struggled with doubt and doubting if I was truly saved or if I was truly a believer.  Steve has been so good to point me to Jesus again and again and help teach me that it really isn't about me at all.  It is all about Jesus and trusting Him that He is able to save and then trusting Him with my life, my heart, my soul and my salvation.  Another thing that Steve has really shown me is that it isn't about being perfect.  Christ came to save the sick and the sinner, not the righteous!  One picture Steve reminds me of  often is that we don't wash ourselves before we take a bath. We come to a bath because we are dirty.  In the same way, we come to the Lord because we are dirty, we are sinners, and we are not perfect.  We need Him to clean us.  We don't need to try to clean ourselves up or get our own act together before we come.  That is why we come.  This has been a freeing truth for me these past 3 years.


"You held out Your arms, I see them still
You never left, You never will
Running to embrace me, now I know
Your cords of love will always hold
Mercy’s robe, a ring of grace
Such favor undeserved
You sing over me and celebrate
The rebel now Your child"

- Prodigal by Sovereign Grace Music


  1. Hi Hawa & Steve, it is Sunday morning here, about an hour before we leave for church. Just watched your baptism & read your blog. What a good way to start Sunday morning. I am so galad that you made the video clip & we were able to watch. Love you much, dad

  2. So I had to go and get a tissue before I posted a comment. Sarah, I am so thankful for you and your commitment to seek truth and seek God, I am rejoicing with you in your baptism! What a wonderful wonderful day! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, it can't be easy being away from family. I love you lots dear friend.

  3. Awww!!! Congrats on your baptism...such a sweet video to watch! Praise the Lord for his work in your life! Sorry we couldn't be there to witness it and celebrate with you! We love you!

  4. Tara - I was sad you guys couldn't be here too! Thank you for watching it and for "being there" that way! I have sweet memories of when you and Dan were baptized not so long ago and praying around you! Love you guys and thankful for you in my life!

  5. Sarah and Steve, How beautiful, I cried the whole way through! Blessings and love!