Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Ville

Yesterday we went for a walk to The Ville...The Ville is a little shopping area outside of Osan Airbase, near our home.  There are lots of street shops and fun souvenirs.  It is about a 15 minute walk from our place (one way - up hills both ways, literally.) and we spent a good hour walking around.  Caleb loved every minute of it and sat in his stroller like this the whole time:

If you haven't realized this yet, the kid loves walks.  My only sad thing is that he is outgrowing his moby wrap (he still prefers it to the stroller, but he is getting too heavy for me!).  I miss the moby!!  Anyway, back to our walk.  Below are some pics I took along the way:

I thought these were pretty cute....Look close, they are made out of carnations!

No, this is not a traffic jam.  These are parked cars.  This is how everyone parks in Korea.  I have yet to see how people maneuver out of these parking predicaments but this is how they park.  You see it everywhere.

Ah, Korea.  Some day we will look back on you fondly.  For now I'll just be glad we walked.

We thought this was a funny combo.

Well, there you have a few more snapshots of Korea!  Hope you enjoyed our little walk to The Ville.


  1. WHAT fun! It is wonderful to see you exploring, and Caleb is SO CUTE! Enjoy his contented stroller rides -- before you know it he will want to be free and running, these blogs are amazing, its like as i look back over them, you take little steps from arriving to setting up (do you still have that smell?) to unpacking to furnishing to coffee and then on to church, invitations, weddings, eatting places and shopping .... its really fun to watch it unfold and even go back and look again. Thanks for doing this! love you!

  2. Wow a baskin robbins in Korea! Coffee & beer makes sense to me but only if you have had to much beer to drink. The parking is odd...maybe they just pick up the cars when they are ready to leave.... ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,!(sorry I'm amusing myself). As always enjoy your pictures!